Jason Addison - 2002-08-22

When I start the top level in emacs using F4, it takes about 20 seconds to initialize clisp. Then, every time I type a function name it takes about 5-10 seconds before I can continue typing. I guess it is finding the arg list or something?? Also, when it starts it skips line [1], then goes to line [2], then to line [11]. What is going on here? Any ideas about how to fix this?

Here is a listing from an emacs ilisp clisp session indicating slowness with <<10s>> to show a delay of aout 10 seconds.

Starting c:/clisp-2.29/lisp.exe -B c:/clisp-2.29/ -M c:/clisp-2.29/lispinit.mem -ansi -I -q ...
ILISP V5.12.0  Use M-x ilisp-bug for problems and suggestions.
;; Loading file C:\cygwin\home\jason\_clisprc.lisp ...
;; Loading of file C:\cygwin\home\jason\_clisprc.lisp is finished.
[2]> <<20s>>(defun<<10s>> xxxx (x) (*<<10s>> 2 x))
[11]> (xxxx<<10s>> 3)

set up:
WinNT, emacs 21.2.1, clisp 2.29 (default), LispWorks 4.2.0 (licensed version), ilisp 5.12.0
install using directions from The Common Lisp Cookbook
also, I use the cua and ido packages.