Mandrake 8.2/CMUCL/xemacs question

  • A. F. Smith

    A. F. Smith - 2002-08-08

    I better warn you I'm a completely clueless newbie who is trying to set up my system so I can learn to program. Don't assume I know anything you consider basic in your response, because I probably don't.

    I have downloaded ilisp and did the whole compile thing and built a loadfile. I am going to be using ilisp with CMUCL and xemacs. The install instructions mentioned to next put some files into the xemacs directories. Which files would these be and which directories should I put them in to make it so I can compile the code I write on xemacs with the CMUCL 18d compiler.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Marco Antoniotti

      The ilisp-help mailing list is a better forum for this
      kind of questions.

      Anyway,  from what I can surmise from you message, the
      instructions tell you to put the ILISP compiled file (i.e.
      the ilisp sub-directory) where all the standard Elisp code is. Note that you can also tweak the Elisp variable `load-path' to achieve similar effects.

      I am a user of Emacs and not so familiar with Xemacs.
      But somebody else will be able to help you.


    • A. F. Smith

      A. F. Smith - 2002-08-11

      I was waiting for a reply for someone who would be
      specific as I asked. I need the exact filenames for files
      that need to be moved and I need the names of the
      file paths where they are to be located. Telling me to
      take a "completed" file (which also seems to simultaneously
      be a subdirectory as well) and put it were "all the...code
      is uttely meaningless.

      By the way, the ilisp-help mailing list is not a better
      place to put questions like these. If I were to subscribe to
      every mailing list where I potentially need to ask a
      question, I would spend my entire day deleting thousands
      of e-mails to my box from the developers of every piece
      of software I could peotentially use, with only 1% of said
      deluge of communications potentially useful.

      Sourceforge had a good idea when they attacked these
      forums to their system. It's a system that should be used.

    • A. F. Smith

      A. F. Smith - 2002-08-12

      I re-read that post and it looked like it could be taken as being a little "snippy." That was not my intent. Many thanks to all who help build and support ilisp and open source projects like it :)


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