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The ikvm tool is a Java virtual machine implemented in .NET.


ikvm [ options ] classname [ args ... ]
ikvm [ options ] -jar jarfile [ args ... ]


Command-line options for the virtual machine.


Fully-qualified name of a class containing the main method to execute. Do not include a path or a .class extension. Do not use this with the -jar option.


The name of an executable .jar file to execute. Used only with the -jar option.


Command-line arguments passed to the main class.


Option Description

-? -help
Display this message

Display IKVM and runtime version

Display version and continue running

-cp -classpath
<directories and zip/jar files separated by ;> Set search path for application classes and resources

Set a system property


Enable assertions.


Disable assertions

Save the generated assembly (for debugging)

Time the execution

Displays all tracepoints with the given name

Builds method trace into the specified output methods

Keep process hanging around after exit

Trigger a user defined breakpoint at startup

Disable class garbage collection

Disable argument globbing

Enable strict class file verification

Add a assembly (dll or exe) as reference to the classpath. This is equals to the c# code:



Run a jar file.

















For compatibility with java.exe. This options will be ignored and a warning will be print to the console.


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