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iJournal 1.75 released

1.75 - Universal binary (maintained 10.2 "Jaguar" PowerPC support)
Support for Challenge/Response on servers that support it.
Better support for older LiveJournal servers.
User Interface cleaned up.
Avatar/user icons display added.
Friends code cleaned up.
Keychain code updated.
Screening support added.
Friends page change notification uses site's icon in status bar.
Fixed all outstanding bugs blocking 1.75 release in bug tracker.
Submit icon changed.

Posted by Cryo 2006-05-22

iJournal 1.54 updated

The version of SourceForge was stale... oops.

Posted by Cryo 2005-05-18

iJournal 1.52 released

iTunes4 support added.

Posted by Cryo 2003-05-03