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I'm struggling with a cutom filter for two days, I don't understand what's happening. Here are first some infos :

OS: debian stable (wheezy)
Privoxy version: 3.0.19-2
Arch: amd64

How do I use privoxy:
local iceweasle (on a debian wheezy) connects to another computer on my LAN running the privoxy. Privoxy forwards to a Tor entry on the same computer:
forward-socks5 / .

I've activated "some" default filters, they seems to work (I don't see any js-annoyance contents nor ads nor.. well, page are cleaned), so Privoxy is working, as my Tor entry/relay.

I tried to add this kind of custom filter:

FILTER: tor-in-use Displays some info if we are using Tor.

s|(</body>)|<p>TOR: OK</p> $1|i

(added to user.filter)
Logs shows me it's loaded:
Re-Filter: Adding re_filter job 's|(</body>)|<p>TOR: OK</p> $1|i' to filter tor-in-use succeeded.

Filter is activated like this in my user.action:
{ \ -deanimate-gifs{last} \ +filter{js-annoyances} \ +filter{html-annoyances} \ +filter{google} \ +filter{yahoo} \ +filter{tor-in-use} \ +session-cookies-only \ }

And logs shows me it has a hit:
Re-Filter: filtering tor.tengu.ch/ (size 1308) with 'tor-in-use' produced 1 hits (new size 1323).

But... I cannot find the modification in the page source. It's like the content is not modified at all regarding this filter, though it's loaded and does match stuff while loading the page...

Am I doing something wrong? I don't understand what's happening :(.

Any help is welcomed.

Thanks a lot!



  • Fabian Keil

    Fabian Keil - 2013-08-10

    Works for me as expected.

    Note that http://tor.tengu.ch/ redirects to https://tor.tengu.ch/, though.

    The log message you quote is for the first page. If your browser is following redirects automatically, you were probably looking at the source for the second page which wasn't modified by Privoxy due to the encryption: http://www.privoxy.org/faq/misc.html#AEN911

  • Fabian Keil

    Fabian Keil - 2013-08-10
    • assigned_to: nobody --> fabiankeil
    • status: open --> pending
  • Cedric Jeanneret

    oh... my god, right X(. So I don't have any way to check whether I'm going through Tor or not with some page modification. As I'm using almost only encrypted services (httpS), this filter will not be of any help I guess. Two days lost - but I learned a lot at least.

    Sorry for the noise :/. I close it, as there's nothing more to say.



  • Cedric Jeanneret

    • status: pending --> closed

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