Summary of the IRC chat. Project Plan.


here is the summary of our IRC call on Sunday. Participants: oes, swa,
jon, david, hal.
Our common goal is to produce a next release soon. To accomplish that
here is the todo
list. As you can see, we need help in various areas (read: please
volunteer). In any
case, we welcome any comments...

THE release 3.0

-bugfixes (segfault,pthreads problem,memory leaks), M, whole team
-RPM, L, swa+sarantis+hal+???
-documentation, M, swa+hal+???
-cgi editor (configuration): status read-only, M, jon
-define and test conservative blocklist, L, whole team
-modular configs, url dependent content filtering, without user auth,
M, oes+???
-porting to osx, M, david

Next Release 3.2

-bugfixes, ?
-documentation, H
-acl, loading/saving user dep. config, user auth, H
-update mechanism, L
-demoronizer (win-charset translations), L, oes
-more intelligent fast-redirects, L, oes

Next Release 3.4

-http/1.1,persistent connections, H

Efforts to accomplish the milestone:
High(H): +20 person days
Med(M): 5-20 person days
Low(L): <5 person days

3.0 Project Plan:

Mid Oct: GUI ready for testing, First Documentation
Mid Nov: Feature Freez, beta version, then testing
Early Decemer: Release the beast

Posted by Stefan Waldherr 2001-09-10