#554 Add custom URI decoding support?

Jak Wings

URI "permutations" like "xss", "x%73s", "xs%73", "x%73%73", are so annoying. They are tricky.

Some websites use UTF-8 encoding, and some use GBK(China).
Any idea?


  • Jak Wings

    Jak Wings - 2012-11-22

    Sorry, It seems that the url is auto-decoded in utf-8 encoding.

  • Fabian Keil

    Fabian Keil - 2012-11-23

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Unfortunately it's not entirely clear to me what this feature request is about.

    The fast-redirects{} action can indeed already decode URLs, but this is unrelated to the encoding used on the website.

  • Fabian Keil

    Fabian Keil - 2012-11-23
    • status: open --> pending
  • Jak Wings

    Jak Wings - 2012-11-23
    • status: pending --> open
  • Jak Wings

    Jak Wings - 2012-11-23

    I meant that if we can use custom encoding/decoding method for URLs, because of some URLs use non-utf-8 escaped strings for non-ASCII characters.

    But now I think most websites use utf-8 encoding, so it may not be worth adding this feature.


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