#59 Upgrade PCRE to a newer version


Upgrade Privoxy to use the current version of PCRE is 6.7 released 4 Jul 2006; the version currently used in Privoxy is 3.4 released 22 Aug 2000.


  • David Schmidt

    David Schmidt - 2006-09-14
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    • summary: Upgrade PCRE to version 6.7 --> Upgrade PCRE to a newer version
  • David Schmidt

    David Schmidt - 2006-09-14

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    Moving to a developer to-do. Good idea, but it's also one
    of those "if it ain't broke..." kinds of deals. I looked at
    it a release or two ago of PCRE and it didn't look

  • David Schmidt

    David Schmidt - 2006-09-14

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    Uh, I guess that would be "not _insurmountable_."

  • Hal Burgiss

    Hal Burgiss - 2006-09-14

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    Yea, that's pretty old. Maybe after we get past the 3.0.5
    release we should take a closer look at it.

  • Bobby G. Vinyard

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    I had this running under the 3.0.3 code, was stable for me
    under Windows XP. Only required changing the file names in
    the build process, almost all the files are preceded
    by "pcre_" now.

  • Fabian Keil

    Fabian Keil - 2008-02-10

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    Another option would be to simply remove the outdated PCRE
    code, forcing the user to dynamically link to PCRE.

    On most platforms that's already done anyway
    and we don't include zlib either.

  • Nettozahler

    Nettozahler - 2011-02-04

    As follow-up to tracker ID 2966602 (nested <div> matching) I would strongly appreciate if the internal PCRE lib would be updated to the latest version. I use WinXP and the suggestion offered (compile Privoxy yourself) seems to be out of my scope.

    Moreover I did some further tests with <div> matching using regex with negative lookahead which caused Privoxy (the PCRE I assume) to crash.

    This shows that the included PCRE lib on Windows is outdated regarding features and also buggy. It is nearly 11 years old!

    Maybe another solution would be to _document_ the dynamic linking to a current PCRE lib on Windows in detail (if possible at all).

  • Fabian Keil

    Fabian Keil - 2011-02-04

    I suspect that the crashes were cause by PCRE running out of stack-space which is not a real PCRE bug and still possible with the latest version if the pattern causes a lot of back-tracking. Increasing the stack limits enforced by the operating system or configuring PCRE to use less stack-space should solve the problem.

    Note that patterns with enough recursion to hit the default stack limit are usually performing poorly anyway, so rewriting them may be an even better solution.

    I agree that documentation for dynamically linking Privoxy with PCRE on Windows would be useful and patches for this are always appreciated, just like the patches for the build system are.

    At the moment my impression is that nobody cares enough about this to investigate how it's done, though, which explains why the default still hasn't changed.


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