#46 Links in PDF files do not work consist.


Some of the links in a PDF file do not point to some
other place in the PDF file but point instead to an
html file, like contact.html. We should fix that in
the future.


  • Andreas Oesterhelt

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    I haven't looked at the PDFs yet, but
    I'd guess that this is due to some of
    the internal links (i.e. internal to one
    sgml, not one generated file) using the
    ulink, rather than the link tag.

    I've started to change that in the u-m
    (it also makes the links robust against
    splits of the generated files), but the
    same should maybe be done in the d-m as

    Hal: Is there any way to create links
    between multiple sgml documents in an
    equally safe way?

  • Hal Burgiss

    Hal Burgiss - 2002-05-13

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    >Hal: Is there any way to create links
    >between multiple sgml documents in an
    >equally safe way?

    Not sure I follow you completely. AFAIK, if one finished doc
    is built from multiple sgml's, then no problem. But if you
    mean separate sgml outputting to separate finished docs, I
    don't see how this can work. But I haven't really ever
    played much with how all this works.

    Do you mean a link from say user-manual.pdf to devel-manual.pdf?

    PS -- Privoxy died on me loading this SF page. I have a
    feeling the ad banner at the top was the cause. I got a
    connection refused error for it, then had to restart.

  • Andreas Oesterhelt

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Andreas Oesterhelt

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks to Hal & htmldoc, this can be closed now.


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