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Does it make sense to compile release version w/o any
debug information to increase the speed of Privoxy?


  • Andreas Oesterhelt

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    This is more a question of size than speed,
    since gcc does optimize in the presence of
    a -g option (which sometimes results in funny
    jumps and other quirks while debuigging.)

    Sizes of privoxy 3.0.0, ELF, i386:
    409711 with debugging info
    171752 without
    153612 stripped

    BTW, just hunted down the source of that spooky -g in
    CFLAGS, even when --with-debug is not specified with
    ./configure. The AC_PROG_CC macro thinks it's cool to
    set some flags, just in case you don't know what you want:

    If using the GNU C compiler, set shell variable `GCC'
    to `yes',
    empty otherwise. If output variable `CFLAGS' was not
    already set,
    set it to `-g -O2' for the GNU C compiler (`-O2' on
    systems where
    GCC does not accept `-g'), or `-g' for other compilers.

    I've just committed a workaround for that, but maybe
    we want to keep it? Is there a benefit for us if our users
    have debuggable binaries?

  • David Schmidt

    David Schmidt - 2006-08-14
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date
  • David Schmidt

    David Schmidt - 2006-08-14

    Logged In: YES

    Debuggable binaries hasn't proven to be a priority "in the
    field" - so we'll leave this one alone for now.


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