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I'm an old 'Privoxy' user and I'm not having configuration problem since it's easy. I have the latest version and I tried older version too, without a positive outcome. I was using the default configuration many years, and now, when ever I'm using 'Privoxy', the loading of any page does not working but it just trying to be loaded. It's like sending but not receiving. Also, 'Tor Browser Bundle' works for me, but with 'Privoxy' ads appears like 'Privoxy' isn't there.


  • Anonymous - 2014-03-29

    There is no error message that I get from any browser. The browser just waits for the server to respond. The page is blank with no message.
    The exact Privoxy version: Privoxy version 3.0.21 for windows.
    The operating system and versions: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit.
    The name, platform, and version of the browser 1/3: Internet Explorer 11, Windows platform, Version 11.0.9600.16521
    The name, platform, and version of the browser 2/3: Mozilla Firefox, Windows platform, Version 28
    The name, platform, and version of the browser 3/3: Google Chrome, Windows platform, Version 33.0.1750.154
    The URL where the problem occurred: Any and every address.
    The version of Privoxy is one supplied by the Privoxy developers via SourceForge.
    I'm not using Privoxy together with another proxy such as Tor.
    Privoxy does not work with firewall off, windows default firewall, windows firewall with privoxy exception and browser exception.
    debug 1 # Log the destination for each request Privoxy let through. See also debug 1024.
    debug 2 # show each connection status
    debug 4 # show I/O status
    debug 8 # show header parsing
    debug 16 # log all data written to the network
    debug 32 # debug force feature
    debug 64 # debug regular expression filters
    debug 128 # debug redirects
    debug 256 # debug GIF de-animation
    debug 512 # Common Log Format
    debug 1024 # Log the destination for requests Privoxy didn't let through, and the reason why.
    debug 2048 # CGI user interface
    debug 4096 # Startup banner and warnings.
    debug 8192 # Non-fatal errors
    debug 32768 # log all data read from the network
    debug 65536 # Log the applying actions

  • Anonymous - 2014-03-29

    Also, I'm aware of "The official "Tor Browser Bundle" is not expected to contain Privoxy.", but "Privoxy" seems not to be working accordingly as a proxy for the "Tor Browser Bundle". Although "Tor Browser Bundle" works with the "Privoxy", again "Privoxy" proxy seems not to be working because ads appears in the internet browsing with the "Tor Browser Bundle" using the "Privoxy" proxy.

  • Anonymous - 2014-03-30

    I change the socket timeout from 300 to 3 in the config.txt and now the following error messages appear:

    Internet Explorer Error Message:
    This page can’t be displayed
    Make sure the web address http://www.hotmail.com is correct.
    Look for the page with your search engine.
    Refresh the page in a few minutes.

    Mozilla Firefox Error Message:
    The connection was reset
    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

    Google Chrome Error Message:
    This webpage is not available

  • Anonymous - 2014-03-30

    I change accept-intercepted-requests from 0 to 1, socket-timeout to 30 and now it seems to work. Thanks.

  • Anonymous - 2014-03-30

    "If you don't trust your clients and want to force them to use
    Privoxy, enable this option and configure your packet filter
    to redirect outgoing HTTP connections into Privoxy.

    Make sure that Privoxy's own requests aren't redirected as
    well. Additionally take care that Privoxy can't intentionally
    connect to itself, otherwise you could run into redirection
    loops if Privoxy's listening port is reachable by the outside
    or an attacker has access to the pages you visit."

    I can't get the above, where do I go for help?

  • Anonymous - 2014-03-30

    I applied the following changes and it works again.

    enforce-blocks 1
    buffer-limit 65536
    accept-intercepted-requests 0
    allow-cgi-request-crunching 0
    split-large-forms 1
    tolerate-pipelining 0
    socket-timeout 120

    but it does not work with tor


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