Hi All,

This is my first message on this list.

I successfully installed iipimage-0.9.9 on my personal virtual host.
When I try to feed the server with a .jp2 file (i.e. test5.jp2) unfortunately it raises an error:

FIF :: Image cache initialisation
/root/test5.jp2_pyr_ is neither a file or part of an image sequence

My first hunch was that the image was not tiled.
However I checked with the following command (from the kakadu library)

kdu_expand -i /56k/phd/code/mooviewer/moov-demo/test5.jp2 -com -no_decode

and the image seems containing 35 tiles.

FWIW, when the server is initialised the following log is printed:

Setting maximum image cache size to 32MB
Setting filesystem prefix to ''
Setting default JPEG quality to 75
Setting maximum CVT size to 5000
Setting 3D file sequence name pattern to '_pyr_'
Setting up JPEG2000 support via Kakadu SDK

Any clue?

Thanks in advance for the support

Matteo Romanello
PhD candidate
Centre for Computing in the Humanities (CCH)