IIPMooViewer 2.0 issues

  • Matthew Traylor

    Matthew Traylor - 2012-03-18

    I'm trying out the new mooviewer code against an existing site (was using the
    previous release of mooviewer 2.0) and have found a couple strange issues.
    First, it appears that annotations no longer show up in IE 9. I've made the
    borders visible for testing, and the borders are there, but nothing happens
    when you mouseover. These annotations work in both Chrome 17 and Firefox 10.
    Second, it seems like the mouse is no longer detected right away when loading
    a new image. When I click the link to load up the viewer and position the
    mouse over it, the cursor changes to text entry or pointer, and
    clicking/mousewheel has no effect on the viewer. If I click on the viewer,
    after a couple seconds the mouse cursor changes to the dragging cursor and I
    can then interact with the image. However, the keyboard works from initial
    load, so the viewer is working.
    Is this something that could have been caused by using the beta version and
    not changing something important when I migrated?

    Thanks for all your hard work,


  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2012-03-19

    You're right. This was also a problem with IE6-8. Basically the "mouseleave"
    event is triggered on traversal of the annotation border if the div is empty.
    So to fix this I've had to add a transparent background via the ie.css style
    sheet so that it does not trigger within the div itself. In the beta version,
    this was done directly with javascript.

    So, the solution is simply to change the 9 ->10 and include ie.css for IE9

    <!--[if lt IE 10]>
      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="css/ie.css" />

    I've just updated index.html on github to take this into account.

  • Matthew Traylor

    Matthew Traylor - 2012-04-04

    Ok, cool. Thanks!



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