Bottom pixels of a region are damaged

  • Matej Novotny

    Matej Novotny - 2014-07-08

    Hello, we're testing IIPImage as a potential image server platform for several of our projects. During our tests we also create region cutouts from the images and tile them back together. That's when we came across what looks like a bug. Possibly of arithmetic origin.

    When creating a region of an image, the bottom row of the resulting region is sometimes damaged.

    Here's an example:
    top-right quarter
    Download the image

    And here's a detail magnified in Photoshop:
    Download the image

    This is the request used for the image:

    The size of the source image is 7320x5484.

    The error is present regardless of the TIFF compression type (JPEG/DEFLATE).
    The error does not occur when the height of the source image is a multiple of the height of the final output.

    We're running IIPImage version 0.9.9 installed from Apt on a Debian server.

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2014-07-14

    Yes, there was indeed a bug, which is now fixed in the latest development version on github: so try compiling a new version and see if that works.



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