Brightness, Contrast & annotations

  • Leonardo M. Ramé

    Hi, I found it easy to manipulate image contrast, and it works very well, but,
    how can I alter image's brightness?.

    Also, do you plan to implement image annotations?, if no, could you give me
    some pointers to start with a very basic implementation by myself?.

    Thanks for this great software.

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2010-06-16

    The only adjustment is a multiplicative contrast one. There is no way to do an
    additive brightness adjustment at the moment.

    Yes, image annotations is something a lot of people have asked about. I've
    been working on a new version of IIPmooviewer that will include this. I will
    put online some development code soon so that those interested can work on it
    and help add these features.

  • DGSL

    DGSL - 2010-07-11

    Ruven, I found this image annotation project. Athough programming language has
    nothing to do with mootols, perhaps you could take ideas from here (or maybe

    IMaP (Image Markup and Presentation) Tool:

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2010-07-13

    Looks quite interesting. I hadn't come across this before.

    I've got a preview demo of the next version of iipmooviewer with annotation
    support. Take a look here:

  • DGSL

    DGSL - 2010-07-13

    Looks nice! Good job

    Inside annotations I see HTML code, but I can't click on it (if I move the
    cursor out of the region of interest, to go inside the annotation, then it
    dissapears). Do you plan to make it possible to move inside? This would let us
    link to other images or web sites, or show up a onfocus glossary explaining
    words inside the annotation.

    For people with a huge number of images, interaction with databased
    annotations is a must. So the annotations array inside the HTML code would be
    dinamically generated from DB.

    So another very interesting thing would be an option in mootols not only to
    show clickable annotations (you are almost done), but to CREATE them.
    I am thinking in a mootool way to draw a box over a region in the image. When
    user finish drawing the box, a javascript function would make 2 things:

    • Pass box coordinates to a hidden javascript array that web developer can handle (I mean the RGN coordinates used by IIP protocol ... remember we had some differences about this subject ;)

    • Let user launch some other javascript events.
      In my case, I would use this event to show a form that would take the
      coordinates arrays and some user typed stuff -comments, links- to a server
      script which would store all this in a DB

    Difficult? Not for you! ;)

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2010-07-15

    Yes, I'll try to make the annotations clickable. They can already be
    dynamically generated by Ajax or from a DB.

    You'll also be able to create annotations in the final version where you can
    drag a region and save it with text.

    Stay tuned!

  • DGSL

    DGSL - 2010-07-18

    Great! I think you already got my suggestion, but just for your info, I found
    another good example page.
    For creating annotations, something like this is what I meant: http://www.def

    In the worst case, I could use that code over an static image generated by
    iipserver, just outside iipmooviewer (I dont think I will be able to mix both
    codes and make it work).

    But it would be much better if there is something similar already done with
    mootools. If you could make this work from inside iipmooviewer, then users
    could even annotate small regions within a previously "iipmoozoomed" area.



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