Apache server stress testing

  • Henry

    Henry - 2012-12-17

    I would like to simulate different users sending requests to Apache 2 server with IIPImage binary package installation. All requests ask for tif image not jp2. I used JMETER to send 100 requests,
    and use htop to monitor CPU usage. To my surprise, even though I have four CPUs, but only one CPU
    is used at any time. I am wondering why not all of four CPUs are used?

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2012-12-17

    It's true that for JPEG2000, there is multi-threaded processing of the JPEG2000 stream. However, for TIFF, this is not implemented. Though, there are one or two transforms, such as the CIELAB to sRGB code that use open mp parallelism.

    If you want multiple worker processes rather than threads within a single worker process, this is possible by configuring Apache and setting the process count to 4, which will run 4 instances of iipsrv in parallel.

    For example, for Apache/mod_fcgid, use FcgidMaxProcessesPerClass. For Apache/mod_fastcgi, use the -processes option.



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