Arbitrary scale and crop from JP2

Tom Crane
  • Tom Crane

    Tom Crane - 2012-04-04

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    I think this question is answered here:  
    but to be sure, what is the best way to obtain an arbitrary specific crop of
    an image at an arbitrary specific size from a JPEG 2000 source image? The
    above post suggests that we can't get an exact width from a JPEG 2000 using
    WID, HEI, CVT - is there any combination of commands, in any protocol
    supported, that would let us do this?  
    We're very happily using IIPImage for tile generation, but we also want to
    support generation of JPEGs from arbitrary regions, and ideally we'd use
    IIPImage for this too.
  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2012-04-04

    To obtain an arbitrary crop use CVT in combination with the WID or HEI command
    and optionally the RGN command. WID and HEI export to a specific size and RGN
    allows you to define a region to crop to.

    OK, so this works fine for TIFF, but had not been implemented yet for JPEG2000
    ... until now. So ,for JPEG2000, I'll be uploading a fix for this to the svn
    trunk shortly. So, when that's done, just download that and recompile. I'll
    tell you when. Probably by the beginning of next week.

  • Tom Crane

    Tom Crane - 2012-04-10

    Fantastic, thank you very much Ruven.

    As the non-owner of a Kakadu license I won't be able to recompile it myself, I
    don't think. Will Old Maps Online be recompiling their distribution?

    I guess I should ask them.

    Thanks again.

  • Anonymous - 2012-04-19

    I've been eagerly awaiting this jp2 fix too and am in the same position as
    @tomcrane i.e. don't have a license. Let the forum know how you get on with
    Old Maps Online. I notice that version 1.0 is now available for 64-bit Linux
    but this didn't handle arbitrary widths for jp2 in my tests (I could be doing
    something wrong of course).

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2012-04-20

    I've now updated the SVN repository with the fix for this for those who can
    compile. I'll release a binary via Old Maps Online shortly.



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