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  • Ajaxian

    Ajaxian - 2009-02-24

    Good day,

    I was trying to change the quality of the image using


    1. /fastcgi/iipsrv.fcgi?FIF=/temp/00001.jpg.tif&WID=500&QLT=1

    2. /fastcgi/iipsrv.fcgi?FIF=/temp/00001.jpg.tif&jtl=3,2&QLT=1

    none of them seems to work,

    We do have JPEG_QUALITY set in a server cfg and changing it actually changing the QLT,
    can u please tell me what is wrong with the &QLT=1 quality changed by the client.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    • Ruven

      Ruven - 2009-02-25

      For your second example, try putting the QLT command before the JTL command. The command is processed from left to right, so as JTL is a command to send a tile, the tile is sent before the QLT value has been read.

      In your first example, I presume you want to export a resized view of the image, so there is the CVT=jpeg missing from the end: /fastcgi/iipsrv.fcgi?FIF=/temp/00001.jpg.tif&WID=500&QLT=1&CVT=jpeg

      Also don't forget that the JPEG quality factor is between 0 and 100. A value as low as 1 will be of very very quality indeed!

      • Ajaxian

        Ajaxian - 2009-02-25

        Yep, that was it, the order is a problem in my case.

        Great thanks a lot for the cool support!



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