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  • DGSL

    DGSL - 2007-05-16


    I am a complete newbie on Linux so I am not able to try to install your server on it

    But the software looks so interesting to me that I am trying to check it out on a Windows XP with Apache (just to may start developing the client pages even if I later change to a Linux server whenever I'm able to do it)

    So, my server does apparently work. If I load the following page from any browser ...


    ... I get the typical welcome message "Internet Imaging Protocol Server, Version 0.9.6, Project Home Page: http://iipimage.sourceforge.net, by Ruven Pillay & Denis Pitzalis"

    My problem arises when I try to load some files in a browser using the simplest HTML code you show in your "clients" page, something like this:


    I always get a strange file called "IIPisAMadGameClosedToOurUnderstanding-25.netfpx"
    I guess it is an error message from the server, since its content is "Error/7:1 3 fif"

    I supose that the FIF function of the server is not being able to find the "test.tif" file, but actually I am not sure because I have not found any documentation about the IIPimage server error messages. Is there any?
    It might also mean that my pyramidal tiff sample file is not well constructed? (I have made it with ImageMagick). Is there any sample tiff pyramidal file that I can download and put in my server, just to be sure that my sample file is OK?

    My test.tif file is in the Windows directory "C:\fotos", I have tried several paths in the above HTML request, like:
    but all of them return the same error file and, as I don't understand the kind of error it is, I don't know what to do.

    Could you give me any clues? Thanks a lot in advance for your help


    • Ruven

      Ruven - 2007-05-31

      Hi, thanks for your comments and response to your own question ;-)

      1. The error messages in the server log file (written on the server) list everything that happens or goes wrong. This is the best way to find out why errors are occuring. The 0.9.7 windows release should by default create a log file on the server.

      2. A good idea! I've just uploaded a sample image to the image section of the website!

      3. Yes, I'm planning to add JPEG source image support in the near future - perhaps for the next release. Stay tuned!

      4. For converting large images to TIFF, it's far better to use VIPS, which processes files in a memory-efficient way.

      5. Well, the Flash version isn't quite there yet, but I've just released a funky Ajax Javascript client! :-)

    • DGSL

      DGSL - 2007-05-18

      I answer myself:

      OK, the problem was nothing but my test TIFF file, which contained errors.

      So, to put things clear for newbies like me:

      -ImageMagick (last Windows version) did not work well for me when trying to convert JPEGs to pyramidal TIFFs. Moreover, it wasted RAM memory and my PC was not able to finish TIFF file creation (see my machine details below).
      On the other hand, ImageMagick works well for me on WindowsXP for other automatic server image processing tasks (thumbnailing and so on), but for this kind of conversion it crashes and I will need to try other stuff (VIPS?)

      -Anyway, I think it would be good for IIPimage developers to improve a couple of things:

      1. Documentation explaining error messages ¿Does it exist? My error was pretty simple (wrong TIFF file) but I didn't understand the image server message

      2. A sample pyramidal TIFF downloadable somewhere (just to avoid testing people the problem of needing to learn ImageMagick to generate a sample file)

      3. Would it be possible for IIPimage to serve JPEGs in the future? Many of our images are already compressed JPEGs which are probably worse for high resolution purpouses, but save a lot of hard disk space.

      In summary:

      WON-DER-FUL image server,

      runs really fast on a WinXP Pentium III 866 MHz with only 240 MB of RAM. My problem is the amount of RAM needed by the pyramidal TIFF creating software (ImageMagick is not an option, but I still haven't tried VIPS).

      Thanks a lot ... I look forward for a configurable flash viewer client!!



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