Multi-page tif file support?

  • lem8

    lem8 - 2009-02-18

    I have a tif file which has two pages inside, and when i try to view it, i get the next message: "Error parsing image data".

    IIPImage server supports multi-page tif files or only simple tif files? Can i do that?


    • Ruven

      Ruven - 2009-02-18

      Images need to be converted to tiled multi-resolution TIFF format for use by IIPImage. Although, multi-resolution TIFF's use the multi-page directory structure. it should be possible to have a TIFF that is both multi-resolution and multi-page. However, IIPImage is unable to handle this, so you should split your TIFF into 2 separate files.

    • lem8

      lem8 - 2009-02-18

      I splited the tiff file in two separates tiif files, but i get the same message "Error parsing image data". I have a lot of images (tiff an jpeg too), is there any way to convert this tiff files in tiled multi-resolution TIFF format automatically??


      • Ruven

        Ruven - 2009-02-19

        You can convert a whole directory by some simple scripting. For example with bash, do something like:

        for file in original_tiffs/*.tif ; do vips im_vips2tiff $file converted_tiffs/$file:deflate,tile:256x256,pyramid ; done

        If you are on Windows you can do this via cygwin. Something similar should also be possible using native Windows scripting



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