Compiling SVN #32 with gcc 4.3.2

  • Johan Cwiklinski


    I was trying to compile IIPImage server under my fedora 10 (with gcc 4.3.2) and I encounted some errors. I've corrected some of them (even if I'm not sure my changes are really relevant and well placed in the code) - see the svn diff output below.

    I'm stucked with another one : In member function ‘RawTile DSOImage::getTile(int, int, int, int)’: erreur: no matching function for call to ‘RawTile::RawTile(int&, int&, int&, int&, int&, int&, unsigned char, int, int&)’
    RawTile.h:129: note: candidats sont: RawTile::RawTile(const RawTile&)

    RawTile.h:111: note: RawTile::RawTile(int, int, int, int, int, int, int, int)

    ** [DSOImage.o] Erreur 1

    Seems that types and the number of arguments passed to RawTile function are not the ones that are expected... And I really do not know what to do for that one.

    Anyways, many thanks for the great job :-)

    $ svn diff
    Index: src/
    --- src/ (révision 32)
    +++ src/ (copie de travail)
    @@ -226,7 +226,7 @@

    map <string, string> moduleList;
    string modulePath;
    - envpara = getenv( "DECODER_MODULES" );
    + char *envpara = getenv( "DECODER_MODULES" );

    if( envpara ){

    Index: src/DSOImage.h

    --- src/DSOImage.h (révision 32)
    +++ src/DSOImage.h (copie de travail)
    @@ -54,6 +54,8 @@
    /// Get error messages from the module
    std::string getError();

    • unsigned int image_width;
    • unsigned int image_height;


    @@ -87,7 +89,7 @@

    /// Return description of the module
    - const std::string& getDescription() { return description; };
    + const std::string getDescription() { return description; };

    /// Load the module
    /** \param p module path

    • Ruven

      Ruven - 2009-03-30


      Thanks for pointing this out. Yes, the DSO code is not up to date. In fact it's only needed if you want to write a module to handle a different file format. I may even remove it as I don't think anyone uses it. To avoid this problem you should compile without activating it. In other words, calling ./configure without the --enable-modules flag.

      • Johan Cwiklinski

        Okay, that compiles without any problems once '--enable-modules' flag removed.

        Thanks for your help :-)



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