DGSL - 2009-12-29

Hi all

I am trying to configure my site to let users select their preferred iip
client. By now, iipmooviewer and fliip have an option to show real lengths
inside the image (either showing a scale in iipmooviewer, or drawing a line in

My images paths and filenames are stored in a database, where I also keep
original resolution for many of them. So, if I have an original 600 dpi
scanned image, all we know that, at full zoom level, 600 pixels in my screen
would be one inch in the scanned object (assuming it is a flat object).

In iipmooviewer, it is very clear how to configure the viewer using this
scale: pixels per mm.
It is easy to know the value of this parameter (1 inch = 25.4 mm, so 600
pixels per inch would be 600/25.4 = 23.622 pixels per mm)

But the parameters used by fliip viewer is not so clear to me. The example
at uses a combination of 2 parameters called iipimgepixels and
iipimagepixelsmeasure. The last one lets you use any measure unit you want
(not just mm like iipmooviewer). But on the other hand, the calculation of the
first numeric parameter is not clear to me. These are the values for the
example image:


That image was scanned by me and (and sent to Denis). Its resolution is also
600 dpi. But I can't see the relationship of 7 with 600, nor with the 23.622
value that shoud be passed to iipmooviewer. I asked Denis about this but it's
a long time with no answer; so I wonder if either Ruven or Kladrian could give
me any clues about the exact definition of iipimagepixels parameter.

How can I calculate fliip's iipimagepixels parameter from a given
iipmooviewer's scale parameter? I have no idea of where does the 7 value
come from :(

: http://denics.free.fr/fliip/fliip.html