• Hans

    Hans - 2012-09-12


    We had some problems with a hanging iipserver process which no longer
    processed requests.
    I changed the fastcgi setting to FastCgiConfig.

    What FastCgiConfig does: "Dynamic applications are not started at server
    initialization, but upon demand. If the demand is heavy, additional
    application instances are started. As the demand fades, application instances
    are killed off. Many of the options govern this process. "

    So this is great because it cleans up the hanging process and starts a new
    The problems is: When there is no demand eventually all fastcgi process will
    dissapear and monitoring software starts sending out false alarms.
    Do you know a way to make sure there is always at least one remaining process?

    Our config:

    FastCgiConfig -idle-timeout 30 -restart -restart-delay 5 -minProcesses 5 \
    -initial-env LOGFILE=/tmp/iipsrv.log \
    -initial-env VERBOSITY=6 \
    -initial-env JPEG_QUALITY=75 \
    -initial-env MAX_IMAGE_CACHE_SIZE=10 \
    -initial-env MAX_CVT=30000

    Greetings Hans,
    Utrecht University

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2012-09-12

    Do you know what was causing the hanging? I've seen this happen with disk IO
    problems or when accessing images over NFS or other network shares.

    Well, in theory your config is fine. minProcesses should keep 5 instances
    running. There is also singleThreshold, but this is supposed to be zero by
    default, which according to the documentation should "prevent the last
    instance of an application from being terminated". Have you tried setting
    minProcesses to 1 to see if it keeps running?

    Alternatively you could try switching to mod_fcgid, which works in a similar
    way to FastCgiConfig.



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