How to build spectral images

  • Xeneize

    Xeneize - 2010-02-18

    Hi everybody

    Nice server! I'm trying to build a server of spectral images following as
    example the "St John the Baptist" source code. I've got the color tif image,
    and three tiff gray images R, G and B, each of them tiled. I don't know if the
    images should be merged in only one tiff image, or the name of each tiff image
    should be written with a specific name. Thank you very much in advance.


  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2010-02-18


    No, keep them separate. OK, so give each one a name like test_pyr_000_090.tif
    for the color, test_pyr_100_090.tif for the red, test_pyr_200_090.tif for the
    green and test_pyr_300_090.tif for the blue. You can change the "test" part to
    whatever you like, but the structure of the rest must be
    pyr<number>_090.tif. OK, now put these in a directory named "test" or
    whatever name you chose.

    So, you will have:

    So, now the path name you give the server is just the path to this directory:
    To switch between spectral bands as in the demos, you should add the SDS
    command to your tile requests. For example, SDS=0,90 for the color channel,
    SDS=100,90 for the red etc. So, for the smallest tile of the green channel,
    the request would be: FIF=/path/test&SDS=200,90&JTL=0,0

    I will write this up in the documentation on the site as it's all currently
    kinda undocumented :-(

  • Xeneize

    Xeneize - 2010-02-19

    thanks a lot!



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