njfranck - 2012-01-17

Hi there,

I also the same question to David Thaubmann, but he seems to be busy at the
jpeg2000 part-2 (jpx) has the capability to create so called "composition
layers", in which
the underlying layers are combined to form a presentation.

I tried this command:

kdu_merge -i source.jp2,watermark.jp2 -jpx_layers 1:0
sRGB,alpha,2:0/0,2:0/1,2:0/2,2:0/3 -composit
"0:(0,0,0.5,0.5)@(0,0,1),1:(0,0,0.5,0.5)@(0,0,1)" -o /tmp/test.jpx

explained: the watermark is placed in upper left corner of the image canvas.
Both are cropped from the left corner to half of its width and height.

but, neither IIPImage-server or 'eye of gnome' seem to be reading this special
Is their maybe an option to make this "composition" permanent: no composition
but really combining both data so that the watermark really replaces the
(apart from using ImageMagick, what is really slow)

thanks in advance