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  • LeonardoC

    LeonardoC - 2007-08-02
    1)I've followed the steps to deploy a server to try the program, and got the error :

    "TIFF directory is missing required "TileOffsets" field." on the fastcgi server and o other programs.
    The image was generated by "convert input.tif ptif:output.tif[128x128]".
    What would cause this?

    2)There's interest in port the server to java? I've playing with NIO and some advanced stuff, and

    your system could fill a blank on a personal project of mine... I could gladly write this.

    Thank you.
    • Ruven

      Ruven - 2007-08-05

      Hi Leonard,

      Yes, some versions of imagemagick seem to have problems generating pyramidal TIFFs correctly. Indeed my current installed version even seg faults if I try! Have you tried using vips ( instead?

      There is a very old java version of the server. We abandoned java because at the time, TIFF access had to be via a native C library using JNI and it was a little slow. I presume java now has in-built TIFF capability via the JAI etc. Yes, we occasionally get requests for a java version, but I've no idea how much demand there really is for such a thing compared to the current FCGI version. But, if you're willing to write it ... ;-) I can also give you the old code if it's helpful.




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