Howto add tags to generated jpeg files

  • ksof

    ksof - 2014-02-20

    I have added a tag to a jp2-file with the help of the exiftool:

    $ exiftool "-Owner=My Company" example.jp2

    But the IIPImageServer delivers jpeg-files from this example.jp2 which do no contain the added tag.

    How can I add/preserve tags in the generated jpeg-files ?

    • Ruven

      Ruven - 2014-02-23

      The IIPImage server does not yet fully implement metadata tagging. But it is something that is definitely on the TODO list.

  • ksof

    ksof - 2014-02-27

    This feature is very important for us.

    Could you give us a prediction, when this feature will be part of IIPImage server? Thanks!



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