Wonking with 4 bands

  • Andrea Peri

    Andrea Peri - 2013-04-15

    I'm having some trouble with a raster having 4 bands.

    I have this error:

    [2/4]: Command / Argument is CNT : 1.1
    CNT handler reached
    CNT :: requested contrast adjustment is 1.1
    [3/4]: Command / Argument is SDS : 0,90
    SDS handler reached
    SDS :: set to 0, 90
    [4/4]: Command / Argument is JTL : 3,4
    JTL handler reached
    TileManager :: Cache Miss for resolution: 3, tile: 4
    TileManager :: Cache Size: 0 tiles, 0 MB
    TileManager :: Watermark applied: 3 microseconds
    TileManager :: Tile cache insertion time: 705 microseconds
    TileManager :: Total Tile Access Time: 2849 microseconds
    JTL :: Tile size: 256 x 256
    JTL :: Channels per sample: 4
    JTL :: Bits per channel: 8
    JTL :: Data size is 262144 bytes
    JTL :: Compressing UNCOMPRESSED to JPEG
    JPEGCompressor: JPEG can only handle images of either 1 or 3 channels

    Is possible use IIP with 4 bands images ?


  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2013-04-15

    No, because as it says in the error message, JPEG cannot handle 4 band images. What kind of image is this exactly? CMYK, RGB with an alpha channel or 4 band multispectral?

  • Andrea Peri

    Andrea Peri - 2013-04-15


    It is a RGB with an alpha channel.

    I understand could be trasform to a 3 channel removing the alpha channel.
    But I prefer to maintaint it as the original image.
    Is possible to say to IIP to ignore the 4th channel ?



    • Andrea Peri

      Andrea Peri - 2013-08-20


      I have many thousand of images with 4 band.
      Is possible to say to IIP to ignore the 4th band instead of removing it ?

      I don't know if the last trunk version will allow something like this.



  • Andrea Peri

    Andrea Peri - 2013-04-19


    I'm try to remove the alpha channel but with poor results.

    The comand I try is this:

    convert temp.tif -background black -flatten +matte -compress none 'temp0.tif'
    vips im_vips2tiff temp0.tif temp2.tif:deflate,tile:256x256,pyramid

    But when try to show "temp2.tif" on iip. I see the levels of pyramids visible one over other others all quite visible to same time.

    This is an example of what I have.


  • Bindaas Dev

    Bindaas Dev - 2013-04-20

    try this: vips extract_band original.tif converted.tif[tile,compression=jpeg,pyramid] 0 --n 3

    this is with vips 7.32 and linked with bigtiff (libtiff v4.0.3), not that it should make a difference.

    See here for more details:

    Last edit: Bindaas Dev 2013-04-20


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