Unsupported image type: jpg

  • Maros Strmensky

    Maros Strmensky - 2012-10-08

    I'm trying to compile iipimage with kakadu for JPEG 2000 support. I was successful except now iipimage says it doesn't support any other image type (jpg, tiff).

    I tried also to download sources for libtiff4 and libjpeg8 but even this didn't helped.
    Last try command was:

    ./configure --with-kakadu=/usr/src/Kakadu_v7_1-01361L/ --with-jpeg-includes=/usr/src/libjpeg8-8d/ --with-tiff-includes=/usr/src/tiff3-3.9.6/libtiff/

    iipimage service logs following:

    CVT maximum viewport size set to 8000
    Full Request is FIF=/SNG--G_7--1.jpg&QLT=75&HEI=1200&WID=1200&CVT=JPEG
    [1/5]: Command / Argument is FIF : /SNG--G_7--1.jpg
    FIF handler reached
    FIF :: URL decoding/filtering: /SNG--G_7--1.jpg => /SNG--G_7--1.jpg
    FIF :: Image cache miss
    Unsupported image type: jpg

    Can you help me please ?

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2012-10-08

    It will still support TIFF, but it doesn't support normal JPEG as a source format.

    If this SNG--G_7--1.jpg file is in reality a JPEG2000 image, rename the suffix to .jp2 and try again.



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