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  • DGSL

    DGSL - 2009-09-02

    I start this topic in answer to Ruven's comments in another post:

    > annotations and active regions are something I plan to include in the next version of iipmooviewer

    That's great. I wonder if you plan to do this "interactive" or just "server driven". I mean:
    - all annotations must be stored at server side?
    - or will there be a way to let users define new annotations/active regions over the image, so the new info can be sent to server letting webmasters manage the info (store in DB and then present to future visitors, calculate areas, or whatever ...)

    I think the second "open approach" would be really great

    > There is already a scale in the current version

    Your multispectral-blending demo was so impressive that I simply looked at left menu and did not realize the scale bar present at bottom.
    That's something great, but in biomedical imaging the approach in Flex viewer is much more useful (you can take measures of particular areas of the image and in any direction -not just horizontal scale-). Would this be possible in Ajax viewer? (adding small coding now, or as an option in future releases).
    Also, the possibility of 2D measures would be even better (so you can draw a polygon and viewer tells you the real area inside). Again, very useful in biomedical implementations of IIP for biometry (measuring anatomical parts)..

    > If mootools clashes with javascript in the rest of your page, consider putting the viewer within an iframe

    This comment in the documentation means there are frequent compatibility issues, or is just an advice to let people install it "the fast and easy way"?
    I ask because my images DB uses Ajax to reload zoomify viewer in DIV ... should I expect problems if I try to use iipmoviewer instead?

    Anyway, looks like a great viewer right now. Thank you very much indeed for your efforts!

    • DGSL

      DGSL - 2009-09-04

      Unfortunately the problem goes far beyond my poor javascripting skills. However, the first link I sent ...
      ... actually uses javascript to let user draw lines over an image (not for measuring, but for creating a linkable map).

      About the method used for drawing, somebody says "The technical concept isn’t based on canvas it’s based on dynamically created divs, so almost every browser is suported":

      There somebody else mention other similar javascript programs. Both looks even more impressive, but the key is if any of their codes (the part used for drawing over the images) can actually be used in ipmooviewer or not:

      Hope this helps :(

    • Ruven

      Ruven - 2009-09-03

      Annotations / active regions: yes, the data will have to be stored server side. Not necessarily within the iipimage server itself. But, there will also be some interface so that you can define and annotate regions.

      Glad you liked the multispectral demo :-)

      Have a real measuring tool in javascript is not simple. If you see an example somewhere, tell me and I will see if the idea can be implemented in iipmooviewer.

      No, there should not be many clash problems, but there can be if your page uses a lot of extra javascript.. Not just for javascript, but sometimes for CSS also. If there are problems, the Iframe can resolve them. I don't think this would be necessary in your case.

    • DGSL

      DGSL - 2009-09-03

      > measuring tool in javascript is not simple. If you see an example somewhere

      Perhaps some of these links might be useful?

      Lets user draw polygons over an image, and detects clicked coordinates in order to auto-create an image map.
      IIPmooviewer would also need to convert to real coordinates (using the "scale" parameter) and calculate distances (just a matter of maths):


      Due to variable zoom level, iipmooviewer would also need to do some more calculations (but impossible is nothing, at least for iipimage team ; )

      Also for drawing active regions or annotations, some useful code here?


      Sorry if all above is useless for iipmooviewer (or perhaps not 100% cross-browser compatible), but just in case ...
      I found most of the links here:

      • Ruven

        Ruven - 2009-09-04

        Thanks for the links. The problem, however, is not calculating the angles or distances, but physically drawing the lines. HTML is not designed for this, which is why your links talk about using Canvas etc.

        Perhaps a good way to do this would be via an SVG layer over the viewer. Or using some CSS diagonal line trick. Of course, if you only need to measure distances, this could be done without physically drawing a line.

        I will play around with the different methods ;-)



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