Zoom and Image pan direction buggy after rotation event

  • Anonymous - 2014-06-16

    If you zoom in or pan an image after rotating the image, neither seem to work correctly until you rotate the image back to the original orientation.

    Is it possible to fix this to where the zoom in event tied to the scroll wheel zooms to the location of the mouse pointer still? It seems to zoom into the location exactly opposite of the mouse coordinate position.

    Also, when panning the image after rotating it, the "inset image" that shows your location on the entire image remains the same. Is it possible to rotate this as well? When panning a rotated image in the main viewer to the image edge and the "inset image" is at an edge as well, the viewer gets "confused" thinking that you're now at the corresponding edge.
    Essentially, what I mean is, if you pan all the way to the right on a rotated image, the inset image shows the yellow box (currently viewing area) all the way to the left, which is fine. But what happens, is that it suddenly no longer allows the main viewer to pan again to the left (where the rest of the image is) since the viewer now thinks you're on the left side of the un-rotated image. It allows you try try to pan to the right still, where there is no more image, showing black space temporarily before snapping back the edge and still not being able to pan to the left.

    Not sure if I'm explaining this correctly, but it appears that the "zoom" and "pan" don't always know that the image is rotated. It treats it like it's un-rotated.


  • Anonymous - 2014-06-16

    Attached are some examples of what's going on. In one attachment, you can see that you can pan all the way to the right on the main image after rotation, and the "inset" viewer shows it's panned all the way to the right.

    In the next attachment you can see that it will allow you to continue panning to the right, but eventually snaps back to the image edge. However, you can now no longer pan to the left at all is if the image isn't rotated at all.

    Thanks for your consideration on these!

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2014-06-19


    Yes, it is indeed a bug. I'll make sure this gets fixed. If anyone already has a patch, please let me know!



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