viewer for mobile clients (touchscreen zoom)

  • DGSL

    DGSL - 2011-01-11

    Hi. I hope somebody else has already addressed this with iipserver, but I am a
    bit lost

    I wonder which viewer should I install to let my site users view images using
    Macintosh mobile systems like iPad/iPhone, or similar touchscreen dispositive
    using Android.

    I have access to an iPad and iPhone and, as far as I know, they cannot use
    flash. So my first look was at the iipzoom viewer.

    When I access iipmooviewer page using iPad, the initial image is displayed.
    But the usual zooming approach of iPad is too enlarge the web page area you
    select with your fingers. This does actually work but the enlarged are is
    using the same resolution tiles as the inital image shown.

    So, it seems that iPad zooming system is not compatible with the ajax
    requesting system used by iipmooviewer. Would it be possible (and easy) to
    adapt iipmooviewer to communicate with iPad/iPhone?

    Of course, I am not talking about developing an iPad application for the
    iTunes store system (I strongly against it since it is a closed system: you
    must use Mac computer to install they SDK, and you even have to pay to Mac in
    order to develop applications for they store, even if they are free

    So I am just thinking in a normal html/javascript page (like iipmoviewer)
    which is able to somehow communicate with touchscreen systems and understand
    the screen touchs as zoom (in/out) requests to the server.

    I have no access to any Android systems by now, but I guess the problem with
    iipmooviewer must be similar. Anyone has tried?
    Although I guess Android phones would have not problems to use flash viewers,
    I would prefer an universal html/javascript viewer which is able to run
    properly on any mobile with touchscreen (using either iOS or Android)

    Thanks for any ideas

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2011-01-11

    I intend to have support for mobile devices in the next release of
    iipmooviewer (javascipt viewer). I started working on this a while ago and had
    some preliminary device support, but I haven't had time to make more progress.
    Hopefully soon.

    An alternative for the iPhone and iPad is to use the Deepzoom app and the
    IIPImage Deepzoom compatibility feature. I think there is a demo on the site.

    But the best long term solution is using web standards. The forthcoming
    versions of Mootools should have device event support, which will make this
    easier to develop also.

  • DGSL

    DGSL - 2011-01-11

    Thanks a lot for your reply!
    I think it worths the pain to wait for your upcoming releases of iipmooviewer.

    In the mean time, could you post a link for the oldmapsonline demo page you

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2011-01-11

    ERROR! The markdown supplied could not be parsed correctly. Did you forget to surround a code snippet with "~~~~"?

    The oldmapsonline page is here: [](http
    To download the iPhone seadragon app from iTunes: [
    Then use this RSS feed in the app: [](
  • DGSL

    DGSL - 2011-01-13

    It happens that the iTunes link does not work for me, and I cant find anything
    in the appstore searching for "seadragon", "deepzoom", "silverlight" ...
    Perhaps Microsoft/Apple have removed it? I googled for it but no clues.
    Perhaps not available for all countries? Has anyone installed it succesfully?

    Seems that iipmooviewer is my only chance by now ... :(

  • DGSL

    DGSL - 2011-04-22

    Thanks for the new release of the server!
    Any progress with iipmooviewer? Expected release date for the next version
    with mobile devices support?

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2011-04-22

    I had to put on hold work on iipmooviewer to finish off the server release.
    But, I'll now focus on iipmooviewer. I can't tell you when exactly, but it
    should be soon ;-)



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