jp2 error in iipmooviewer

  • Anonymous - 2013-04-11

    I use Kakadu to convert .tif image into .jp2 image,but it encounters error in iipmooviewer, it says
    "Error: Unexpected response from server undefined" ,I was on windows environment.
    the commad for Kakadu was
    "kdu_compress -i output_image.tif -o output.jp2 -rate 1.5 Clayers=1 Clevels=7 "Cprecincts={256,256},{256,256},{128,128}" "Corder=RPCL" "ORGgen_plt=yes" "ORGtparts=R" "Cblk={64,64}" Cuse_sop=yes"

    as shown in page

    I guess it is the tif image format was not correct ,but what is the format requirement of the tif ? I get tif image use the vips software via command
    "vips im_vips2tiff source_image output_image.tif:none,tile:256x256,pyramid"

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2013-04-11

    Kakadu's TIFF implementation cannot process multiresolution or tiled TIFF, so simply use your original TIFF directly to create the JPEG2000 image.

    • Anonymous - 2013-04-22

      thank you, but why the demo image demo.jp2 can not work in my program but can works well in the demo page ?



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