#7 Support for C# generic types (.NET 2.0)


I needed support for C# generic collection.
I have little updated IIOP.NET and added this
But this patch does not include support for Java or
IDL. Only C# supported, and always requirement .NET 2.0.
My version of IIOP.NET is 1.9.0 beta 3.


  • Abdulla(h) Abdurakhmanov

    • summary: Support for C# generic collections (.NET 2.0) --> Support for C# generic types (.NET 2.0)
  • Dominic Ullmann

    Dominic Ullmann - 2006-05-07

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    Thank you for this patch.
    I will need some time to think about, how to integrate it
    into IIOP.NET.

    BTW: Do you know, if there is support for this in java?
    Have you already thought about a way to make this working
    between java and .NET?

    Thank you
    Best regards!

  • Dominic Ullmann

    Dominic Ullmann - 2006-05-07
    • assigned_to: nobody --> dullmann
  • Abdulla(h) Abdurakhmanov

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    You are welcome! ;)
    I hope this patch will help for you. Note! I know that patch
    have some troubles with a generic-in-generic (T<T<>>) types.

    About implementing the generics feature on Java i don't have
    ready thoughts. But i think that on Java may have a some
    problems with creating in runtime the generic types. I don't
    know anything about an analogue for C# method
    Type.MakeGenericType in Java.


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