#20 IIOPChannel GetHostEntry


Since revision 2025 that fixed an obsolete code warning I got an issue. I cannot build IIOPChannel anymore with my simple Microsoft Platform SDK because it comes with Visual Studio 2005 C# compiler that do not know anything about lambda expression. As it is the only lambda within the whole project we can perhaps avoid it to keep compatibility with poor users like me. I also use Platform SDK because nmake do not come with Visual Studio C# Express.

Moreover I would like to propose an other approach to the GetHostEntry usage. Rather than throwing an exception if there is no IPv4 address we can simply use the first entry in returned address that might me a IPv6 one that might work too. If it doesn't an other exception will be raise later.


  • Francois Dumont

    Francois Dumont - 2011-04-19
  • Jens Villadsen

    Jens Villadsen - 2011-04-19
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Jens Villadsen

    Jens Villadsen - 2011-04-19

    * Fixed

  • Alexander Kornienko


    Your patch is already applied, but what keeps you from using more modern C# compiler? You could use free Visual Studio Express 2010, for example (http://www.microsoft.com/express/Downloads/). Or you could download newer platform sdk, which is also free, AFAIK.

    Don't be a Luddite ;)

  • Alexander Kornienko

    • status: closed-fixed --> closed-accepted
  • Francois Dumont

    Francois Dumont - 2011-05-02


    I was using VS Express 2010 but IIOP.Net require nmake to be built and nmake do not come with VS Express for C# (surely with C++ but I haven't checked). So I have downloaded about 2 weeks ago the Platform SDK and was surprised as you are to see that it comes with a rather old C# compiler, the VS 2005 one. Of course I could tweak env variable to get PSDK nmake and still use VS Express 2010 C# compiler but I like to keep default install clean and I appreciate the 'Command Prompt' menu from the PSDK that setup everything to run in a clean environment.

    So this patch :-)


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