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IGSGateway-1.0.1 Released

Fixed 2 minor bugs in ClientTransaction.php and Gateway.php, neither affecting the execution, but would throw warning messages.

Modified Client.php to use $zend setting to set the path to Zend Framework instead of modifying a function call.

Modified Installation Instructions to match the changes.

Changed version to 1.0.1

Posted by Jay Wheeler 2011-03-02

Initial Release of IGSGateway

Announcing the Initial release of the IGSGateway on SourceForge.

IGSGateway is a PHP 5 application to provide a simple interface to the Innovative Gateway Solutions secure payment-processing gateway to perform credit card authorization and payment processing either in the background or from user-facing form input.

For additional information, please visit the IGSGateway home page at:


Posted by Jay Wheeler 2011-02-28