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IgrokYa is a data type identifier, similar to file. IgrokYa started as part of the overly-ambitious [Proxlat] project, and since the death of that project, IgrokYa has moved on and grown its own sense of purpose.

Note that IgrokYa has no relationship to any other project or company that might use grok in its name. (Also, IgrokYa doesn't share any code with file or similar programs.)

The name IgrokYa is just the words I grok ya jammed together. (Not really a contraction or portmanteau, more like a run-on word... sort of. Whatever.) It could also be viewed as a {{wp|Russianism}}, but I assure you that's completely coincidental. (See Other languages, below.)

IgrokYa's readme.txt is here.


Exetype is the only part of IgrokYa that really works at this time. See the exetype page for info.


Grokscan is used to determine what data is common between multiple files, so those files' type can be added to the IgrokYa data files. See the grokscan page for info.


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Other languages

When I named this project, I chose the English words "I grok ya", not considering that the sounds and/or letters "igrokya" might mean something in other languages. Oops.

In Russian, "И грок Я" ("I grok Ya") could be translated to mean "And I grok". (Alternately, "игрокя" ("igrokya") can be translated to mean "players". Choose whichever version amuses you more.)

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