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##begin config
libbase GTDragBase
version 3.6
date 12.8.2003
copyright Copyright (C) 1999-2008 pinc Software
##end config

##begin cdef
#include <exec/exec.h>
#include <utility/utility.h>
#include <intuition/intuition.h>
#include <intuition/gadgetclass.h>
#include <libraries/gtdrag.h>
##end cdef

##begin cdefprivate
#include "gtdrag_includes.h"
##end cdefprivate

##begin functionlist
struct IntuiMessage *GTD_GetIMsg(struct MsgPort *mp) (A0)
void GTD_ReplyIMsg(struct IntuiMessage *msg) (A0)
struct IntuiMessage *GTD_FilterIMsg(struct IntuiMessage *msg) (A0)
struct IntuiMessage *GTD_PostFilterIMsg(struct IntuiMessage *msg) (A0)

int GTD_AddAppA(STRPTR t,struct TagItem *tag) (A0,A1)
void GTD_RemoveApp() ()
void GTD_AddWindowA(struct Window *win,struct TagItem *tag) (A0,A1)
void GTD_RemoveWindow(struct Window *win) (A0)
void GTD_AddGadgetA(ULONG type,struct Gadget *gad,struct Window *win,struct TagItem *tag) (D0,A0,A1,A2)
void GTD_RemoveGadget(struct Gadget *gad) (A0)
void GTD_RemoveGadgets(struct Window *win) (A0)
void GTD_SetAttrsA(APTR gad,struct TagItem *tags) (A0,A1)
BOOL GTD_GetAttr(APTR gad,ULONG tag,ULONG *storage) (A0,D0,A1)
struct Hook *GTD_GetHook(ULONG type) (D0)
STRPTR GTD_GetString(struct ObjectDescription *od,STRPTR buf,LONG len) (A0,D1,D0)
BOOL GTD_PrepareDrag(struct Gadget *gad,struct gpInput *gpi) (A0,A1)
BOOL GTD_BeginDrag(struct Gadget *gad,struct gpInput *gpi) (A0,A1)
ULONG GTD_HandleInput(struct Gadget *gad,struct gpInput *gpi) (A0,A1)
void GTD_StopDrag(struct Gadget *gad) (A0)
void FreeTreeList(APTR pool,struct TreeList *tl) (A0,A1)
void InitTreeList(struct TreeList *tl) (A0)
void FreeTreeNodes(APTR pool,struct MinList *list) (A0,A1)
struct TreeNode *AddTreeNode(APTR pool,struct MinList *tree,STRPTR name,struct Image *im,UWORD flags) (A0,A1,A2,A3,D0)
void CloseTreeNode(struct MinList *main,struct TreeNode *tn) (A0,A1)
LONG OpenTreeNode(struct MinList *main,struct TreeNode *tn) (A0,A1)
LONG ToggleTreeNode(struct MinList *main,struct TreeNode *tn) (A0,A1)
struct TreeNode *GetTreeContainer(struct TreeNode *tn) (A0)
STRPTR GetTreePath(struct TreeNode *tn,STRPTR buffer,LONG len) (A0,A1,D0)
struct TreeNode *FindTreePath(struct MinList *tree,STRPTR path) (A0,A1)
struct TreeNode *FindTreeSpecial(struct MinList *tree,APTR special) (A0,A1)
struct TreeNode *FindListSpecial(struct MinList *list,APTR special) (A0,A1)
BOOL ToggleTree(struct Gadget *gad,struct TreeNode *tn,struct IntuiMessage *msg) (A0,A1,A2)
##end functionlist

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