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[261749] by marust

* AROS/GCC port

2008-12-13 06:49:17 Tree
[4fea5c] by marust

* AROS/GCC port
* made struct EditGData public because
it's needed as function argument

2008-12-13 06:36:25 Tree
[de1f76] by marust

* AROS/GCC port

2008-12-13 06:21:37 Tree
[8ad880] by axeld

* Some minor style cleanup.
* Added TODO comment about a language specific problem (we need to use the
short common function names instead here).

2008-12-11 22:38:32 Tree
[0370ad] by axeld

* Test commit.

2008-12-11 22:22:45 Tree
[d3ab7a] by axeld

* Added the missing sources to the gtdrag.library, pScroller.gadget, and
pTextEdit.gadget. All of those are licensed under the MIT (as defined by
the OSI) license.

2008-10-22 08:11:46 Tree
[9b6cc9] by axeld

Initial import.

2008-10-02 18:11:42 Tree