IFP-180T Is not seen on Ubuntu

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    I have an IFP-180T that I'm trying to get to work but have not had success.  I'm running Ubuntu Edgy and have ifpgui version 0.10.8-1 installed along with all its dependencies.

    It is possible that the firmware on the device has been changed, but it is not mounted as a USB Mass Storage device and I don't believe my brother (the original owner) would have switched it to UMS. 

    What might I be missing?  The device says its connected but the software doesn't see anything.



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Running ifpgui as root allows the device to be seen.  How can I make the device accessible to non-root users on an Ubuntu Edgy install?  pmp_config depends on the hotplug package which conflicts with some other package that is installed automatically.  And non-root.sh complains about needing hotplug support.

      Thanks again.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        The issue with needing to be root is not an easy solution.  You might try this solution


        On my PC I have fixed the problem of using ifpgui as a normal user especially
        under OpenSuse 10.2 for the iRiver IFP 890. I think it works fine with other
        modells of the company.

        In the directory "/etc/udev/rules.d" I create a file with the name:
        and the contents of:
        KERNEL=="usb", DEVICE=="USB", SYSFS{idVendor}=="4102", GROUP="users"

        You can modify the group or the vendor if necessary.


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      I'll continue this in the other thread.


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