Upload big files problem iFP 380

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    Has anyone tried to upload a file larger than 100 MB to a iriver player?
    I have a iFP 380 (128MB) and every time when i try to upload a file bigger than few megs the progress bar stops (randomlly at a value between 6% and 70% - this is as far as i get with an 113 MB file). I think is a problem with the application cause ifp-gnome wich uses the same libifp works correctly.

    Cheers, Dan.

    • Jim Campbell

      Jim Campbell - 2007-08-31

      I found this bug.  It was caused because I was transferring status messages during upload and download.  I thought I had set a flag to stop this but did not test it correctly.

      Fixed in ifpgui-0.12.0


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