The difference between ifp-line and libifp

  • Harold J. Johnson

    What is the difference between ifp-line and libifp?  I've been using ifp-line to load my iRiver MP3 Player, and lately I've been using iFP-Gnome (which uses ifp-line) to load the device.  I understand ifp-line has a bug which tends to corrupt the files; does libifp correct this?

    • Geoff Oakham

      Geoff Oakham - 2005-02-25

      No, libifp is not affected by that file-corruption bug.  libifp includes a new version of ifp-line.. try using it with iFP-Gnome.

      You should also try ifpgui.. Jim's done a really good job with it.  (And it uses libifp.)

      Hope that helps,


      Ps. join the mailing list!  Most of us don't read these forums.. I just happened to see your post.


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