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  • Iriv

    Iriv - 2005-03-17

    Looking through the different users forums it clearly visible that iRiver does not care too much about customers satisfaction. The problem is line-in recording quality, which, according to users forum at iRiver, is limited to 32 kHz sampling (even with 44 kHz sampling set in menu) and low bitrate (as 96 kbps) for UMS firmware. So the question is if there is any chance of creation of OpenSource firmware for iFP players. They seem to have potential which is completely lost by company policy. This is very frustrating as I believe everyone has a right to expect what was promised (but not delivered). I do not have any experiences with firmware programming so do not now if the task could be achieved at all. Would be gratefull for any comments and/or suggestions on the matter. :)

    • Harold J. Johnson

      Hi there,

      I'm not defending iRiver, but perhaps they aren't aware that  this concerns enough customers to matter.  (In an ideal world, of course, even if a small handful of customers had a complaint about a service it would matter.)  Their primary concern seems to be, besides selling these wonderful devices, to be in providing listening devices rather than recording devices.  In that they have done well.

      Speaking as one of the (perhaps) minority, I purchased an iRiver iFP-890 not only to listen but to use it's recording capabilities.  Since I am a podcaster and Internet radio producer, I wanted a device I could carry around with me everywhere--something I could slip into my pocket comfortably when I wasn't using it to record interviews and ambient sounds (or random thoughts).  This iFP-890 has served me well, providing rich recordings at a variety of sampling sets, though most of my recordings are made at 44 kHZ.

      I haven't experienced the issue of which you speak with my particular player, so I'm taking it this is an issue with other models (?).  Please don't take me wrong; I'm glad you mentioned the issue since it's possible I'll be looking for another recorder someday--though I'm very happy with the iRiver I'm currently in possession of.  Yet do you really think iRiver "does not care too much about customers satisfaction" due to its failure to respond to what may not be perceived to be a universal problem with its device(s)?

    • Iriv

      Iriv - 2005-03-18


      To begin with, no offence taken. :)  I have experience only with iFP-899 but as I believe not only that model was in concern of users at iRiver forum:

      You say that having iFP-890 do not experience that problem. It's interesting. May I ask what firmware You use ?

      Returning to subject, I fealt disappointed as was looking for a device which would offer reasonable recording settings and be possibly good player. As to the latter part I have no objections. To my needs it is a very fine device. But what really starts to make me angry is that iRiver itself (as most other companies) do not give full details of capabilities of their equipment. There should be stated clearly what the gear REALLY can do. Also some info (even on web-site) regarding in the problem is going to be solved in the future would be nice. Having none of this...
      I start wondering if there are some possibilities of rectifying of the situation.


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