Hi all,
I'm excited to find an active community developing software for iRiver devices.  I just received my first MP3 player, and iFP-890 (the 256MB flash iRiver).  I thought I was going to go with a minidisc recorder or an iPod once I could afford one, but I'm so happy I discovered the iRiver.  I'm a podcaster and I really wanted a device I could both record to AND listen to MP3 audio with, and the iFP-890 satisfies both of those requirements--and it seems to do it well.  It also plays OGG, WMA, and ASF files--how much better can this device get?

Since I'm a podcaster (and podcast listener), I'd really be interested in seeing an iPodder client for the iFP.  I'm quite active in the podcasting community and would help get the word out if anyone developed an app that worked as the existing iPodder apps work with the iPod.  Even better, it would be great to see some developers here work with the developers of the open source iPodder client on adding this functionality to the app (search SourceForge for iPodder to find this).

In the meantime, perhaps one already works that I'm not aware of--does anyone know?

Thanks again for developing drivers/packages/apps for the iRiver!

Harold J. Johnson