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IFC Exporter UI Help

Angel Velez

Revit IFC export alternate UI 2013


The alternate interface is loaded when users access the Export functionality using Revit UI. This alternate interface offers a flexible set of options to configure the export. There are several built-in setups in the user interface. When selected, the individual options listed below will adjust accordingly. These setups cannot be modified or deleted, but they can be duplicated in order to create a modified version.

The “In-Session Setup” is a modifiable setup which will not be saved between sessions. You can configure the options as desired.

You can add additional named setups using the Setup Configuration dialog box using the New or Duplicate options. These configurations will be added to the active document and saved with the document. The add-in will be able to retrieve and reuse these setups if the same model is being exported. You can also rename and delete named setups from this dialog.

The features included in the "Assignments ..." button are detailed in the [New features in v2.8] section.


File version:
2x2 – Export to IFC 2x2 Coordination View
2x3 - Export to IFC 2x3 Coordination View
2x3 v2.0 - IFC Coordination View 2.0.
2x3 GSA – This is a variant of the standard IFC 2x3 used for submitting files to the US Government Services Administration. Additional property sets will be included.
2x2 BCA - This is a certified variant of IFC 2x2 used for submitting files to the Singapore BCA ePlan Check Server. When exporting to this file type, you should make sure that all room-bounding elements are selected.
FMHandover – Export to IFC 2x3 Facilities Management Handover View

File Type: The file format
Zipped IFC
Zipped IFC XML

Split walls and columns by Level: Whether or not to split walls and columns by building stories

Export base quantities: Whether or not to include base quantities for model elements in the export data. Base quantities are generated from model geometry to reflect actual physical quantity values, independent of measurement rules or methods.

Space boundaries: The level of room/space boundaries exported:
None – room/space boundaries are not exported
1st level – the room/space boundaries are included but are not optimized to split elements with respect to spaces on the opposite side of the boundary
2nd level – the room/space boundaries are included and are split with respect to spaces on the opposite side of the boundary

IFC common property sets: True to include IFC common property sets, false to exclude them.

2D plan view elements: True to include 2D elements supported by IFC export (notes and filled regions), false to exclude them.

Internal Revit property sets: True to include the Revit-specific property sets based on parameter groups, false to exclude them.

Use 2D room boundaries for room volume: True to use a simplified approach to calculation of room volumes (based on extrusion of 2D room boundaries) which is also the default when exporting to IFC 2x2, false to use the Revit calculated room geometry to represent the room volumes (which is the default when exporting to IFC 2x3).

Use family and type name for references: True to use the family and type name for references, false to use the type name only.

Visible elements in current view: True to export only the visible elements of the current view (based on filtering and/or element and category hiding), false to export the entire model.
Export parts as building elements: True to export parts as standard IFC elements, false to export them as IfcBuildingElementPart.

Export surface styles: True to assign surface style elements to a surface, false to exclude them.

Export Advanced Swept Solids: True to export a swept solid geometry as IFC AdvancedSweptSolid representation, false to export it as Brep.

Export Bounding Box: True or GSA file version to export bounding box representations, false without GSA version to exclude them.

Include IFCSITE elevation in the site local placement origin: True to include the elevation from the Z offset of the IFCSITE local placement, false to exclude it. It’s not available for IFC Coordination View 2.0 file version.

Known Issues

  1. The alternate UI add-in is currently provided only in English.
  2. There is no mechanism to transfer saved setups created in the alternate UI from one project to another (other than by recreating them manually). If setups are saved in templates, they should be available in any project created by the template.


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