Thanks for drip - I've used it on a couple applications and it's been a great help in tracking down leaks.  I've got a question and a problem.
   We haven't moved to IE 7 yet, but it looks like that swap may happen in the next few weeks.  Does drip work with IE 7?
   With drip on IE 6, I'm having trouble working with a dojo widget.  I'm using dojo 0.4.1 (from and IE under drip fails to work with the DropdownDatePicker widget there.  Under vanilla IE (no drip), things work fine.  I've included an example page that shows the issue.  Specifically, what's happening under drip is that I get a permission denied javascript error in the dojo code.  It's not an issue with dojo in general, since I've used drip with other dojo widgets without fail.  Is there something I can do here that will allow drip to proceed?



<script language=javascript src="dojo.js">

   dojo.require("dojo.widget.DropdownDatePicker ");


<div dojoType="dropdowndatepicker"></div>