Do we need two separate builds: one for IE6, another for IE7? I am not sure if we get the fake leaks because the official version is just old or that the code (both official and SVN) does not play nice with IE7 when compiled against IE6.

I can build an IE6 version if you don't have an IE6 box around, so that we can release both versions. It's a pain that you can't have both browsers on one machine and just have two build configurations :-(.


On 5/10/07, Matthias Miller <> wrote:
Hristo Deshev wrote:
> Are you running this test on an IE7 machine? The current official
> version of Drip has been compiled against IE6 and it shows some fake
> leaks when run under IE7. Recompiling Drip against IE7 fixes this, but
> I don't think we have an officially released version yet.

I'll see if I can release a new version this weekend. We should get
these changes out there.

-Matthias Miller

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