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  • Chris Palmer

    Chris Palmer - 2003-03-27

    Hello Again!

    I thought I would post a new thread on another topic. I get Class not found exceptions when I hit a webpage that uses an applet(swing) that uses the java plugin versus the built in java awt vm. Is there something that I should look at to fix this?


    • Torgeir Veimo

      Torgeir Veimo - 2003-03-27

      Hmm, built in java awt vm? Are you running with a microsoft vm, or a newer jdk that replaces itself with this?

      The problems I've seen before gives errors like

      "Attachment to a running virtual machine failed."

      • Kevin Amerson

        Kevin Amerson - 2004-02-16

        I have this attachment problem as well, how do we go about solving it?

    • Chris Palmer

      Chris Palmer - 2003-03-27

      Here is the error.... I could post the html page...

      java: OnBeforeNaviate2:
      jni: progress: 0, 10000
      java: progress: 0, max: 10000
      java: OnNaviateComplete2:
      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun/plugin/security/WSeedGenerator

    • simon warn

      simon warn - 2003-09-30

      Has anyone managed ot get applets working at all? I also get the class not found message all the time.

      • Torgeir Veimo

        Torgeir Veimo - 2003-09-30

        Do you have the jdk installed such that it intercepts and is used instead of the microsoft vm for applets inside any IE instance?

        Can you just try to add the classpath for the jar file that contains the missing class to your vm running the IECanvas instance?


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