Rajat Kosh - 2014-01-06

Hi Galen G. Brownsmith.

First of all Please note that IDTE_Linux_Command Line Version is not completed yet, and also it's a developers preview (For current IDTE Developers).Being a developer i am assuming that you might be able to build the binary by yourself because IDTE source code is available to you, so its upto you whether you want to build using codeblocks or make or whatever so its like DIY.

Now, for the Libbass please note that it is free for distribution and usage as long as the project is not for commercial purpose.Also i am including the Libbass because the source code is using this library (For Testing Purpose).But, soon i will be using the Phonon or some linux Native Library.

Conclusion ==> Please Ignore the Makefiles Generated and Build it yourself using Source code.Also, for BASS library ,"Why in the world you always want Everything GPL" because Bass is currently serving my purpose and my project has nothing to do with the internal code of BASS library.But, anyway thankyou for trying IDTE.