#43 Voip problem


Hello guys.

I have installed idjc 0.8.8 on my Ubuntu 12.04 and tried to run the Voip-Function with Skype

In my ~/.asoundrc is following code:

pcm.idjcvoip {
type plug
slave.pcm {
type jack
playback_ports {
0 idjc-default:voip_in_l
1 idjc-default:voip_in_r
capture_ports {
0 idjc-default:voip_out_l
1 idjc-default:voip_out_r

But if i Start Skype and open the Sound options, there is only the option 'PulseAudio server (local)' and no 'idjcvoip'

Is there an incompatibility with the Skype-version or made i a mistake?




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    Anonymous - 2012-09-11
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  • Stephen Fairchild

    Pulseaudio can probably be uninstallled. This will cause Skype to show the ALSA audio options.

  • Casey Weederbot

    Casey Weederbot - 2013-01-20

    This is true (uninstalling pulseaudio), but might not be practical in the case that you use pulseaudio for anything else. Another solution is to edit (as root) the configuration file /etc/pulse/client.conf and change the line
    autospawn=no (otherwise it starts up again like a zombie)
    (uncomment and change value)
    and then run pulseaudio -k. (pulseaudio with the kill option)
    That or install and run pasuspender skype.

    The result is the same. If pulseaudio is running, Skype only sees those options. If not, all options are available.

    Other options: Switch to Google Hangouts (free with a Google account, no weird interactions with pulseaudio (other than, you know, pulseaudio), and not owned by Microsoft); or probably a whole bunch of really complicated hoops through which to jump to get pulseaudio and jack and idjc all working together. Actually, I think jack works better with pulseaudio these days, might be worth looking into.
    Good luck!


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